From a Library Pundit (Emphasis on “Pun”)

Posted by Kathleen Alva

I love the McDermott library.1 Some may say that I’m biased since I am a lit major who also interned at the library, but there are undeniable merits. In the library’s Texan-named study rooms and in the stacks we bond over mutual intellectual challenges. Largely thanks to Nancy, Student Government VP and ’13 Scholar, we can now work in the McDermott library for 120 hours straight – a simultaneously terrifying and exciting option. Despite the library’s silent room on the fourth floor that gets too hot, and the students that camp out for days without deodorant, and the newly uncarpeted stairs, the UTD library is special. Heck, our library is even famous on reddit after construction workers knocked down some of our shelves.2 Further, there is always something inspirational about being surrounded by knowledge, but I’ll save my “Why We Need Libraries” diatribe for another time.

What you need to know is that April is National Poetry Month and, as posted in the library bathrooms, the McDermott Library is hosting its yearly library-themed haiku contest. (Side note: publicizing events in bathrooms is actually an excellent advertising strategy. Get in on this market, SOM students!). By the time fellow ’13 Sam and I remembered this contest, it was 2am, and we were in the middle of writing papers. Ultimately, we decided that a poetry study break would be worthwhile and submitted six haiku in 20 minutes! Check out a few of our favorite entries.

4. A-literary Haiku

Students stand in stacks

whisper, write, wonder – wizened

hopeful heads humming

3. I’m Lovin’ It

Some talk of McD

They’re thinking burgers and fries

I just want my books

2. Meta

We procrastinate

writing library haiku

ignoring papers

1. Our Books Are Bovine

You moo-st check it out

Such udderly lovely books

You will have a cow

We entered “Our Books Are Bovine”. Your move, McDermott Library staff.

[1]: A clarification for all non-UTD students: McDermott Library is the UTD University Library. While we both have the same benefactor, it is not a library reserved purely for McDermott Scholars. We do kind of have a personal library in the McDermott Scholars office however since we have so many books that scholars can freely borrow. Further, the McDermott Scholars office is located on the second floor of the McDermott library.

[2]: Check out this book fiasco:

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