A Summer in Dallas

Posted by Lindsey Ward

This coming year will be my senior year—my fourth and final year as a McDermott scholar. The past spring has been spent in preparation for the excitement of the summer—a time I have always put to use abroad and adventuring…

The summer before my sophomore year, I went with a large portion of my own McDermott class on Dr. Redman’s trip to Merano, Italy, to study literature in a castle whose princess is the daughter of Ezra Pound. That experience was every bit as incredible and magical as it sounds. Following that, I met up with another McDermott in Spain, where we participated in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and then took part in a classical guitar festival in Madrid, performing at various historical sites throughout the city.

The following summer, I headed down to Costa Rica to complete an independent study in photojournalism. My time was spent volunteering at a sea turtle conservation site in Ostional and at a family-owned coffee plantation in Monteverde. I was able to practice my photography and dust off my Spanish skills in an unforgettable summer of learning a different way to live, one which I very much look forward to incorporating into my life in the United States.

The standard was set high for the summer of 2015. I decided that it was time for an internship. I have bounced around majors searching for my calling in life, and the result has been a serious lack of professional development. I am pretty sure now that I want to be a fiction writer, and my first goal is to get involved with publishing. I applied to nearly twenty publishing houses, big and small, corporation and independent, throughout the UK and in Australia and New Zealand. Before this summer, I had never experienced true failure, but I was not met with any acceptances. I was simply not competitive enough for the large publishing houses, and the small publishing houses did not want an intern. A little panicked, I resolved to apply last-minute to a few places in the area but resolved on spending my summer volunteering locally. A quick search put an independent publishing group called Brown Books, located just about ten minutes from campus, on my radar. Their website revealed that they offer an Editorial Internship, and in the span of about a week, I had been called in for interviewing and testing and received a position.

I could not be more excited to start my new position (first day is June 1st!), and I am ready to make my first and only McDermott summer in Dallas something truly unforgettable.

Dallas skyline

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