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We’re a pretty competitive bunch, us McDermotts. This manifests itself in some big ways (sports games, job/grad school applications) and in a lot of small ways too (like the bet I have going with Adam and Eric over the results of our latest test1). Last year, the seniors decided to channel all this competitive energy into an annual McDermott Cup. In short: five events throughout the year, Odds vs. Evens. The Evens this year are the classes of 2012 and 2014. The Odds are the 2013s (including yours truly) as well as this year’s newly minted freshmen.2

Last weekend we had our annual Broomball game—in many ways the centerpiece of the Cup—where we all got to take a break from studying, run around on an ice rink, indulge some inter-class rivalries, and celebrate an imminent fall break by talking trash and screaming ourselves hoarse.

Because I’m lazy, and because our illustrious Program Coordinator Nicole took lots of photos, I’m going to let pictures tell the rest of the story.

First, with both teams out on the ice, some pre-game hype:

The face-off:


After half an hour, tied up at 1-1, our refs (Nicole and Kim) declared a shootout to decide the match:


The first four shots from both sides were saved before the Evens secured their victory with their final attempt. Everyone immediately rushed the field:

And finally, a group shot:


And some post-game antics from the Odds:

Broomball slide

So. Lots of fun! Can’t wait ’til next year. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

[1]: Loser buys Whataburger for the other two.
[2]: Our most recent event was a week-long canned food drive. Of the 900 cans we brought in, almost 400 of them were brought in the last three hours in a ridiculous back-and-forth race to the finish. In the end, the Odds took the win by the slim 1% margin—and that was only after a long and controversial debate over how to count all the ramen the Evens brought in.

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