Will Dance For the Kids

Posted by Rachel Kyes

CometTHON, for those of you who are new around here, is a campus nonprofit and student organization that raises funds and awareness for pediatric cancer research through Children’s Health Dallas. As a part of Miracle Network Dance Marathon, we hosted a six-hour dance marathon on April 8th partying with a purpose, FUNdraising, and celebrating our achievements throughout the year.

And let me tell you, we achieved a lot! Foremost, we raised $18,607.25 #ForTheKids! We set our initial goal at $10,000 in August, and hit that the week of Thanksgiving. In January, we reconvened and agreed to push for $15,000, which we hit the week before the event. In just over a week, we raised more than $3,000, which no one but our wonderful president, Alysha, knew about (hence the surprise and elation during the total reveal video below). The reveal was completely overwhelming, absolutely wonderful, and tears were definitely shed.

Our amazing executive team!

Miracle Kids (children who have been treated at Children’s Health Dallas) attended the event, and we got to hear their stories and learn how their lives have been changed by Children’s Health and the Children’s Miracle Network program. CometTHON is more than just a club or a charity- we are a cause, fighting to end pediatric cancer and change the lives of children around the world.

I was introduced to CometTHON by Preston and Raja, 2014 Scholars and the Vice Presidents of CometTHON this past year. There were nine McDermotts on the Executive Team, and many more participated as fundraisers and dancers. I worked on “Timeline Crew”- our event operations committee in charge of planning the actual event, including what activities we did throughout the night, what food we had, and which student groups performed and when. It was an adventure, especially the day-of, when things always go differently than expected. Ayesha, my roommate and fellow McDermott classmate, emceed the event with me, an experience that I don’t think either of us will ever forget (for all the best reasons of course).

Ayesha, ’15 Scholar and our new Vice President of Internal Affairs, with me before the event!

It’s strange to think that this project that we spent hours and hours working on, put blood, sweat and tears into, and lost sleep for, is over. Yes, it has been a month, but the memories of working 16 hours on the day-of in order to prep and run the event have not faded a bit. And, in reality, it’s not over.

Alysha Joseph, Preston Butler (’14 Scholar), and Raja Reddy (’14 Scholar), the former President of and Vice Presidents, with Brit Vanneman, the National Director of Dance Marathon.

Every time we hear a song that was part of the Morale Dance, a Dance Marathon tradition and line-dance which hypes up the audience, we dance. In the middle of Target, in the car, at McGala- if “I Wanna Dance (With Somebody)” or “Sooraj Dooba” comes on, we drop it like it’s hot and dance.

Showcasing the Morale Dance onstage!

Since April 8th, we’ve been in the transition process, saying goodbye to the old exec board and attempting to glean all the secrets we can from their overloaded brains. We’ve had an amazing year, and it’s because of their dedication and commitment #FTK. I think I speak for the new exec board when I say that although we are thrilled to take on our new roles, we have a lot to live up to.

Ben Wroblewski, ’14 Scholar and Executive Assistant for Social Media, with his award as the highest individual fundraiser!

We have set new goals, selected a new exec board (CONGRATULATIONS by the way!!), and created a strategic plan for the next five years outlining what we want to see CometTHON achieve. Our new exec board is energetic and excited, and we can’t wait to see what we achieve in the upcoming year.

The McDermott Odds team was the highest fundraising student group! #GoOdds

It’s gonna be lit.


Rachel Kyes, 2015 Scholar and 2016-2017 President of CometTHON

P.S. If you want to make miracles with us next year, we will be opening applications for Executive Assistant positions in the fall. Yes, that is a shameless plug and no, dancing skills are not required.

Umer Nadir, ’15 Scholar and DJ for the night!

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