McDermotts on the Road: Alaska

In the next few days, we’ll be looking back on Spring Break trips McDermotts took together, from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

Sara Hartke ’16 and Ann-Cathrin Guertler (Anca) ’16 went to Seattle, Washington and Chugiak, Alaska.


Anca: Sara wanted to show me her home during Spring Break. On our way to Alaska, we spent a day in Seattle.


Sara: In Alaska, we went to a lot of my favorite hiking areas and some new trails I hadn’t hiked before. We also met up with some of my friends to go climbing in Anchorage. We ate at a lot of local restaurants and went skiing near my old high school. I showed her some of the places I spent hundreds and thousands of hours training while growing up there. It was really fun being a tourist in my own town.

Anca: We saw Byron Glacier…

… went to Hatcher’s Pass…

…hiked Mt. Baldy…


…climbed Thunderbird Falls…

… and went cross country skiing.


Anca: The highlight of my trip was meeting Sara’s dog Reno– she’s adorable and an amazing hiking dog.

Sara: The best part of the trip for me was cuddling with Reno, being back in a real kitchen to cook, and being able to show Anca a lot of places that hold so many memories and the meaning of home for me.


Anca: I also really liked hiking Mt. Baldy, even though it felt like the wind was going to blow us off the mountain.

Sara: I forgot Alaska was in breakup season (all the snow is melting as it turns to summer) so the roads were a mess and it wasn’t the pristine image I hold in my head. It was not a pretty sight in more urban areas. Up by glaciers and mountains it was still gorgeous though.


Anca: If I could go back, I’d like to see the northern lights and maybe visit Fairbanks.

Sara: Next time I bring someone home with me, I’d like to do it in the summer or fall when Alaska is at its most accessible (as far as mountain climbing, backpacking, and blueberry picking go).

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