McDermotts on the Road: New Orleans

In the next few days, we’ll be looking back on Spring Break trips McDermotts took together, from Alaska to Washington, D.C.

Zachary Boullt ’15: I went to New Orleans with Emily Fine ’15, Joanna Haug ’15, Kiara Dandridge ’15, and Morganne Blaylock ’15 (in abc order). I wanted to explore more aspects of the most famous city of my home state with both NOLA veteran and newbie friends. Also because I am Driver Extraordinnaire.


Kiara: I went because I love good food and my friends. Also, any excuse to hang out with Ms. Kathy (Joanna’s mom) is reason enough for me.

Joanna: This trip was a no-brainer for me– I got to go home, hang out with my parents, and show my friends around New Orleans,  the actual best city in the entire world.

Emily: We went to see Joanna’s swamp. It definitely was close competition with Shrek’s.

Morganne: Jo’s family is great. They hosted us the whole trip and told some pretty great Haug family stories. It’s nice to see that your friends have normal lives.


Zach: In New Orleans, we experienced the food and culture of the French Quarter.



Morganne: I made everyone stand in line for an hour and a half in order to get chargrilled oysters. Worth.

Zach: They taste way better than I thought they would.


Joanna: We took a million pictures in front of colorful walls and it was a great use of time.

Kiara: There was even an orange and green wall! (WHOOSH)

Kiara: A really nice woman took our group photo and then shared the history of her house with us (a free black man had it built by slaves). She told us that slave owners had their houses built to be slightly taller than their accompanying slave quarters. This whole experience was made better because we had the opportunity to learn something about America’s history while also having fun.


Joanna: I’m pretty sure we saw like fifteen Bachelorette parties that day.

Kiara: We also watched a woman cry in the French quarter because she had just gotten engaged.

Joanna: The next day, we went to a St. Patrick’s Day parade near where I went to high school and also got sno-balls.

Kiara: We got fresh produce thrown at us from people in a two story tall float.

Zach: I was not hit in the face once by any object at the parade, which could be a first for me.

Joanna: It’s not Mardi Gras, but it’s something.

Emily: The next day, we went to brunch and met a cat, which was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Zach: We learned that Emily is a cat whisperer. Then we navigated a swamp.

Kiara: And no one got eaten by a gator!


Zach: Exploring the swamp was really fun for me; it helped me tap back into my nature-oriented side that I sometimes miss living in Dallas, and seeing a plethora of the Louisianian flora and fauna that I had grown accustomed to back home was an added bonus.

Joanna: I really, really love my hometown and I really, really love my friends, so it was great to be able to show them around.


Emily: Traveling with McDermott friends is great because you get to see the city they’re from, which is not like high school where everyone was from the same city.

Zach: I had only ever been to New Orleans with Louisiana residents before, so I was in a happy medium of both knowing enough to share memories and knowledge with those on the trip that hadn’t been, and knowing little enough to be able to learn more about the city from the NOLA native.


Morganne: I wouldn’t want to be in a car for 8 hours with anyone else.

Kiara: #blessed.


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