5 Tips for the Late Applicant


It’s winter break, and you’re just now able to catch up on sleep (kind of) and emails.

You’re going through your inbox:

  • Delete – passed scholarship deadline
  • Delete – another passed deadline
  • Delete – how did this company get my email?
  • Flag for later – why yes, I am interested in a free burrito.
  • Pause – Hmmmm….McDermott Scholars Program?

You stumble across a McDermott Scholars Program email, and you read that the deadline is January 5th – there’s not a lot of time, but maybe you could pull it off? We think you can, and here’s how:

    1. Check the qualifications
      Should you use your time to apply if you don’t meet the minimum qualifications? Our advice – probably not. If you meet the minimum, start your application. Right at this very moment.
    2. Take a breath
      We know there’s a ton in life that’s out of control, and our hope is that McDermott Scholars own up to their part. Recognize this, and then move forward.
    3. Start sending emails
      Send an email to your high school counselor and 2 other recommenders. Show them that you’ve given thought about why you want to apply to be a McDermott Scholar.
    4. Show your recommenders you’re serious
      Your recommenders have probably heard it all before, so show them that you’ve done the groundwork. Complete your application, submit it, and send them a copy to show that you really want this. Follow up with them (maybe in person!) the day school opens in January.
    5. You’ve got questions, but our office is closed
      Don’t hesitate to email us at mcdermott@utdallas.edu – we’ll be manning it over the break.

We want you to know that we’re cheering for you and want you to do what’s best for you. You’ve got a little over a week to get together an authentically fantastic application, recommendations, and transcript. It has been done before; every single year, in fact, by applicants that became scholars! We’re so excited you’ve heard about us and we are wishing you the best!

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